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Alto Early Learning Montessori Kindergarten/Preschool is a standalone, education based funded kindergarten and child care centre. Located at the centre of Langwarrin, Frankston City. Alto Montessori provides high quality education and care services to our communities and families from Langwarrin, Frankston, Cranbourne and surrounding suburbs.


Alto Early Learning Montessori Kindergarten/Preschool has a long history of practicing Montessori Education in early education since the early 1990s. The centre use to run as Montessori Children’s House Langwarrin, and after major structural developments, in 2019 the new centre manager George brought a renewed zeal and added more expertise to create a fresh twist to a proven education recipe.


Alto's environment and practices follow the Montessori Method of education, which focuses on respect to the child, the development of independence, and the expression of kindness. Further, our educational practices place importance on both children and carers, including parents, families and educators. 


The funded kindergarten and educational programs at Alto Montessori are specifically designed to maximise opportunities for learning and growth. By carefully observing the children’s social, intellectual and emotional development, our highly qualified educators can identify opportunities for learning and structuring of the learning environment in ways that lend to the initiation of teachable moments. The educators work as a team to plan, evaluate and reflect and then use the information gained from this process to shape future programming decisions. Through the Montessori Method of education, children can lead the way for their learning. Early childhood is a critical time in each child’s life to set the stage for their optimal cognitive, physical, emotional and social development.


Alto management and educators are highly qualified professionals, exceeding the requirements set by the Department of Education. Alto’s managerial members have qualified to Masters Degree or above qualifications, and all Alto educators have a minimum of a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and /or qualified Montessori Education Certificate, with three educators having attained a Bachelor and Masters’ Degrees in Early Childhood Education.

Alto Early Learning Montessori Kindergarten/Preschool is committed to helping parents and educators become better carers by providing them with open parenting seminars, Effective Communication with Children education sessions, and a network of professionals for additional support.


Alto’s goal is that everyone benefits the maximum from Alto’s programs, and grows with Alto.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Alto family.

Dr George Pittas

Managing Director

Centre Manager

George is delighted to be part of the Montessori Education System by managing Alto Early Learning. He originates from a family immersed in providing education services, who own and operate schools for more than three decades.

George completed his academic studies in some of the most prestigious universities in the UK, ranking in the top 5 Universities worldwide in the Biomedical field. On that front, he was awarded his PhD in Biomedical Science, obtained a Masters Degree in Sports Nutrition, and a Masters Degree in Sports Medicine, and a Diploma of Early Childhood Education, among other academic achievements. George is also proceeding to study a Graduate Diploma of Montessori Education.

As part of his knowledge base, George has extensive experience in nutrition and meal planning, with all Alto menus designed and overseen by him to ensure Alto children have balanced and nutritious meals to meet their physical and developmental needs.

George is also a qualified Parent Effectiveness Training facilitator and is currently volunteering part of his time as the treasurer of the Victorian branch of the Effectiveness Training Institute of Australia.

George researches, develops, and delivers open information sessions and programs to parents and educators, with skills and knowledge to provide support to parents and their children to develop physically, psychologically and emotionally healthier.


Our Philosophy 

Our focus is centred on the Education to not only children, but families and our educators.

We believe all children should have the right to education in a nurturing environment that promotes respect, independence and kindness.

Through the Montessori Method of education, academic, social and emotional skills are achieved, promoting self-confidence and core values for life.

At ALTO, we encourage our children to ‘learn how to learn’ in a homely and caring atmosphere. Alto children become a family, helping and learning from each other as they discover their capabilities.

Our environment has been specifically prepared to encourage children to explore their world and incorporates hands-on educational tools, musical instruments, cultural activities, organic gardens and natural habitats for animals.  

ALTO promotes a continuing learning community among staff members. Professional development is encouraged, and our staff continue to attain advancements in education. This ensures that the teaching programs and methodologies practised at Alto capable of fulfilling the needs of ‘the child’ in the most beneficial way.

At ALTO, we are committed to your child and strive for excellence of your child’s care and education. To help achieve this, it is important that we form strong partnerships with our families.

Our Vision

Our Aim

Our Value

ALTO Montessori Long Day Care

Email: admin@alto.vic.edu.au

Address: 24-26 Malcolm Rd, Langwarrin, VIC 3910

Enrolment Line: 03 9787 9494

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