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Funded Kindergarten



Our funded Montessori Kindergarten/Preschool in Langwarrin, Frankston City, is a unique early learning service that offers a Montessori educational environment where children are encouraged to move freely to absorb knowledge. We believe in providing a nurturing environment where the desire to discover is fostered through self-direction, and where the ability to think, question and test their findings is cultivated.

Children are naturally curious and creative learners and our community values and respects their ideas and opinions, and are one of the building blocks of their education experience. 


A Montessori approach to preschool in Langwarrin, Frankston City

We believe in children being able to develop ideas and embrace their creative thinking. We aim to expose children through practical life challenges to gain independence, freedom, order and choice by joyfully engaging in the environment around them throughout the three year old and  funded four year old kindergarten/preschool educational period. From nature to music, gardening and sensory experiences, we create a plethora of learning contexts for the children’s daily development. We also promote physical activity, science, culture, maths and art.

We believe that nurturing little learners in small groups should feel like a home away from home, where their emotional and physical needs are met, and they can grow physically and socially.

Our approach to education allows the children to thrive as they work at a stimulating and challenging pace to develop their abilities and confidence.


Role of the teacher

Our funded Kindergarten/Preschool in Langwarrin empowers our qualified early childhood teachers to develop an integrated curriculum, which strengthens the natural desire children have to acquire knowledge. Children are given the chance to explore the world around them through spontaneous but purposeful experiences and open-ended play. Grace, courtesy and serenity are modeled so our little learners can build awareness and responsiveness to their peers and give them a sense of belonging.

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