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Alto aims to provide high-quality care and education services to our children and their families.

The Montessori Method is a child-driven and teacher-guided method of education, and its goal is to support and promote the child’s optimal intellectual, physical, emotional and social development to unfold.

The Montessori curriculum and materials are designed with purpose, having a clear beginning, middle and end, and are available to be discovered and mastered by the child.  Through the process of experiencing, experimenting, and studying the Montessori curriculum and materials, the child uses her imagination, curiosity, attention and natural desire to learn, to tease out the knowledge that will support her in her development and her future.

While the Montessori Method is the spearhead of our education efforts, we also provide other extracurricular activities proven to support the child’s development. We have developed our music program, where our musically trained educator teaches the fundamentals of music to the children. We also provide a sports program through which the children learn and practice the core body movements, which will assist them in navigating this world.

We are happy to provide the ALTO Prosocial Behaviours Program, through which we introduce the children and guide them through practice and lived experiences on what governs their emotions and behaviours, and how they can regulate and manage them.  Through the ALTO Prosocial Behaviours Program, the children learn and understand the effects of their behaviours and those of others as the scaffolding of society.

Our Curriculum


The Alto curriculum incorporates the Montessori Method of Education with the Early Years Learning Framework and Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework. A kindergarten program facilitated by qualified kindergarten teachers is also incorporated into our daily schedule. Alto children enjoy the opportunity of discovery through a fully integrated curriculum. The child’s natural desire to learn is encouraged by giving them opportunities to engage in spontaneous purposeful activities with the guidance of a trained facilitator. Children are taught practical life skills to develop independence and self-esteem, using specifically designed equipment, each task leads to a greater understanding of nature, music, dance, sports, gardening, culture, arts, maths, language and science.

As adults, we have assimilated knowledge into our everyday lives to such an extent that we have forgotten how complex what we know is. Maria Montessori, through her experience and deep understanding of our way of learning, including the strengths and limitations, developed her Method of Education breaks down essential skills into their fundamental components, making them easier to be understood and absorbed by the children.

Montessori Curriculum

Extra Curriculum


The Montessori Directress

The role of the Montessori educator is a unique one and very different to the traditional teachers’ role, warranting the use of a different term altogether. The educator of the Montessori Method is best described as a Director / Directress.


The Montessori Method and materials have been designed in such a way that they are self-correcting, they contain within themselves the control of errors, which makes auto-education possible to each child. Maria Montessori best outlined this with one of her most characteristic writings, that “What is the greatest height of a Montessori teacher's success? To be able to say: "
Now the children work as if I did not exist ".


To achieve this, the Directress is guided by the Montessori Principles to ensure the child is presented with the appropriate environment and conditions to immerse themselves into the learning that happens when their attention is fully occupied.


The Directress also ensures that the children are treated with respect, are uninterrupted when concentrating, and are given the opportunity to practice, allowing the children to be led by their intrinsic motivation, explore their freedom and grow their independence. 

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