Our Staff


George – Centre Manager 

Education - PhD in Biomedical Science (UK), Masters Degree in Sports Nutrition (UK), Masters Degree in Sports Medicine (UK), Diploma of Early Childhood Education.

Experience – George is an experienced nutritionist and parenting education professional, also designs the children’s balanced and nutritious meals, and researches, develops and delivers parent and carer educational information seminars and workshops. He has over 10 years extensive experience in nutrition and meal planning for elite sports personals, and coaching children. George is a board member of Victoria Association of Parent Effectiveness Training, and a qualified Parent Effectiveness Training facilitator.

"I come from a family that has been involved in assisting children expand their horizons through learning for over 30 years. My academic achievements were a result of a guiding curiosity that persists to this day, with learning and reaching insights still leaving me in wonder and giving me goose bumps to this day. It is the same wonder that the children express when learning something new and meaningful, and this guides me and motivates me in creating the environment that will provide the children with as many opportunities as possible to reach these feelings of wonder and achievement."

Charlotte - Montessori Directress/Qualified Early Childhood Teacher/Education Leader

Education - Graduate Diploma of Early Childhood Education)

Experience - Charlotte’s experience in the Early Childhood sector started in 2002 in the role of the Montessori Directress, and in 2005 more skills were added to her arsenal and she became the Early Childhood Teacher. For the past 8 years, Charlotte’s experience extended into management, which she managed to such a level, that the Dept of Education rated the centre Charlotte was managing as Exceeding the standards set by the National Quality Framework.

"I have been involved in the education of young children since 2004. I have worked in a range of Montessori environments together with families in a playgroup for children under 2 and also set up and run a transition group and a Cycle 1 Montessori classroom for children 3-6 years old. I have worked in both a kindergarten setting and a long day care setting. 

I have 2 grown up daughters who were my inspiration for becoming involved in early childhood many years ago. 

I love gardening and have a strong interest in sustainability and the natural environment. I believe that the role of the adult is to offer opportunities to the young child; to initially observe and then to entice the child into exploration leading to concentrated effort. This is the key to learning.  The Montessori philosophy offers this. 

Early childhood education is about sharing knowledge, both theirs and ours, not just about imparting facts. For the educator, it is also about constant self-reflection and challenging old belief systems. It is more about discovering what the child wants to learn, than what I want to teach."

JennyMontessori Directress 

Education - studying towards Masters of Early Childhood Education, Bachelor of Early Childhood Teaching, Diploma in Montessori Education 

Experience – Jenny has nearly a decade’s experience as Montessori Directress, is a Bachelor trained Early Childhood Teacher, and her arsenal of skills include years of managerial experience. 

"Apa Khabar? My name is Jenny and I am a teacher from Malaysia who is passionate about my job. My biggest motivation as a teacher is to help children learn to overcome challenges and grow in confidence. Their smiles of satisfaction make all the hard work worthwhile. I started as a Montessori Directress in 2011. After completing my Montessori Diploma, I obtained a Bachelor in Early Childhood Education in the UK. My work experience in both Malaysia and the UK has helped me connect with children and parents from different cultures and social upbringing. I strongly believe that children should be given choices, responsibilities, and opportunities to initiate their own learning and cultivate independence. These learnings can be achieved through the prepared environment that allows areas to be revisited and explored at children’s own pace. Through the prepared environment, we should seek to nurture children’s different skills such as social, communication, physical and intellectual skills. Let us embark on this journey together to learn and grow with the children!"

Danuta – Montessori Directress 

Education - Montessori qualified educator, Diploma of Early Childhood Education

Experience – Danuta has over 20 years experience in early childhood education and over 10 years experience the Montessori method. Danuta has been working at Alto since 2013.

"My name is Danuta and I am originally from Poland. I have 2 children and 1 grandchild. In my spare time I enjoy cooking and baking at home and spending time with my granddaughter.

I believe all children should have the right to education in a nurturing environment that promotes respect, independence, and kindness. I am passionate about Montessori because I believe that it gives children that and even more. Through the Montessori Method, academic, social, and emotional skills are achieved promoting self-confidence and core values for life. I also believe that the Montessori prepared environment encourages children to explore their world through hands on education, tools, musical instruments, cultural activities, and organic gardens."

Jade – Montessori Directress 

Education - Montessori qualified educator, Certificate III in Early Childhood Education

Experience – 7 years Montessori Directress with pre-school age children 

"I'm from Gladstone Queensland. I spent 6 years teaching children in Hanoi, Vietnam and have travelled a lot throughout Asia. I'm passionate about inspiring curiosity about the world and its people and places in children under my care.  I also love the Montessori method and the way that careful guidance and respectful encouragement can make children feel capable, valuable and satisfied."

Erin – Early Childhood Educator 

Education - studying towards a Bachelor of Primary Education

Experience – Erin joined Alto right after the COVID restrictions period and has been a valuable new team member ever since.

"My name is Erin Wood and I am 22 years old. This year I will be completing my third year of study towards a Bachelor of Primary Education at Monash University. I strongly believe that as educators, it is significant that we acknowledge and appreciate each and every child’s individuality through their personalities, interests, abilities, knowledge and their backgrounds in order to provide each child with the optimal engagement, inclusion in their development and enjoyment of the experiences in their early learning journeys. As I progress towards becoming a qualified teacher, I hope to create a learning environment that is inclusive and nurturing for all children and that sparks curiously, excitement, confidence and familiarity with the world around them. I am enjoying every step of my journey towards becoming a qualified teacher and I am very excited to have the opportunity to progress in my growth and my learning alongside the amazing children and educators at Alto Early Learning."

Minuri – Qualified Early Childhood Teacher

Education - Master of Teaching in Early Childhood and Primary Education

Experience – Recently joint Alto, Minuri is a new graduate with full of passion in Early childhood Education.